Artists Bio


I make digital art by playing with symmetrical texture repetition, geometry and pattern recognition to produce hallucinatory images. overlapping and folding chaotically textured photos cause imagined hints of symmetrical representations to appear which can then be coaxed out by playing with the shapes, light and colors to produce visually sensuous pieces where strange figures and spaces emerge with the weight of archetypal symbols hinting at states of altered consciousness and dreams. unexpected themes in arise from the unconscious creating Tension between opposites in conflict or in the process of harmonizing. Some of what emerges may be startling, frightening, silly, even cute. I'll allow all of it to come out in a process of playful discovery.


These perceived images often align symbolically with mythology and cross cultural metaphysical cosmology, topics which have fascinated me and perhaps as a result of a connection to the collective unconscious as sometimes I don't realize until later their symbolic significance . It's a game played between my conscious and unconscious mind which allows me to enter a surrealist state of perception.